Hollywood Walk of Fame

Our first morning in Beverly Hills, had us strolling back to The Nosh for breakfast. Again, I was surprised at what was on the menu for breakfast. Not avocado, this time, but what I grew up with knowing as "Eggs in a Basket" and The Nosh calling "A Hole in One". Two slices of bread with a hole cut in the middle, then a fried egg in the hole. Good, good, good!

Back at the Mosaic, we stopped to ask Ben what was the easiest way to get to Hollywood. We were asked "easiest" or "fastest". We said easiest. He gave us excellent directions. Straight up Wilshire Blvd to Highland. Highland crossed Hollywood Blvd, just where we wanted to be. We spent the rest of the day, looking for Elvis Presley's star. I looked it up earlier on the internet, but it wasn't there. His star had been moved to the very beginning of the Walk of Fame next to The Beatles. The boulevard itself was typically touristy. It reminded me of the boardwalks in Ocean City or Atlantic City with every other store selling the typical souveniers, and vendors trying to sell bus tours to every one who walked by. We did pass Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Theatre. All in all, it was a beautiful day in Hollywood.

We got back to the hotel in time for a little happy hour on our patio and reminiced about the day. I had scouted out dining in the area for a place to eat dinner and came up with Roni's Diner. It was great! It was very small and intimate with lots of old photograph's. We came to find out later that the Friar's Club had closed and Roni bought the photograhs. It was entertaining to look at all of them. The menu was a nice mix of Italian and American dishes. I had penne with mushrooms and fresh tomatoes in a pink sauce, and added shrimp to the dish as an option. It was very good. Mike had shrimp scampi over angle hair and if we had to say anything negetive, the shrimp were smaller than we're used to and a little over cooked. But, all in all, it was an excellent dinner. David, Roni's son, was a great host and spent time chatting with us, and others who were there as well.

A perfect ending to a wonderful day on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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